5 Ways To End Your Unhealthy Relationship

Have you been in an unhappy or toxic relationship for far too long? If you want to get out, these five methods of ending your unhealthy relationship will help you through the process.

Remember Your Strengths

One of the most common reasons for staying in a toxic relationship is the human fear of loneliness. We are naturally social creatures who crave attention and affection. Once we have this attention, it can be difficult to set it free. However, toxic relationships do more harm than good. Thought Catalog recently published a useful article on the phenomenon.

During this time, it’s important to remember your strengths. Think about the things that made you unique before this relationship began. Are you talented? Organized? Sweet? What characteristics make you a good person? You’ll need to keep these traits close to your heart as you go through the process of ending a bad relationship. Knowing who you are, and what you stand for, will keep you from going back.

Give An Explanation

Unless you’ve been abused in some way, it’s always best to give an explanation for your decision. Not only does this clarify your feelings and thoughts for the other person, but it helps you gain center stage. This is your decision – and it isn’t an easy one to make. Often times, in toxic relationships, our voices aren’t heard. Now is the time to make sure you’re heard, if only so the other person can avoid being toxic to people in the future.

Be Firm

Once you’ve made the decision to end an unhealthy relationship, don’t go back on your choice. You made this call because the bond was unmendable. It doesn’t matter what the other person says or does. While you might believe they will change in the future, the relationship has been ruined for you. If there was something to fix, it would have been fixed already. Hopefully, with any luck, your ex-lover, ex-friend, or estranged family member will look back on your relationship with solemn regret – but with determination to make future relationships healthier.

Leave The Door Shut

You’ve offered an explanation. You’ve ended the relationship. You’ve walked away. At this point, you need to keep the door shut. This means keeping your lives separate on social media, at work, or in school. It also means turning to someone new when you need to talk about your problems. This can be difficult but, eventually, you’ll develop a healthy relationship with someone who genuinely cares. Once this happens, you’ll feel very little need to continue talking to someone who is no longer part of your life. Elite Daily offers an interesting article about why going back to toxic relationships is never worth it.

Don’t Gossip

Because this person is no longer in your life, they should no longer be in your thoughts or conversations. The best way to keep yourself from wanting to go back is by eliminating triggers. This means, when mutual friends attempt to dish details on his or her personal life, you shake your head and shut them down. The more you know about life after you, the more you’ll be tempted to say, “They’ve changed. Maybe we can try again.”

These are just five ways to end an unhealthy relationship permanently. There are other coping methods available for your use. Psychology Today has some great information on the subject.

When it comes down to it, you are better than your worst relationships. By walking away and starting fresh, you are giving yourself a chance at a better life.